OpenMRS Conference 2018

The OpenMRS community has announced that this year’s OpenMRS conference is gonna held in Nairobi, Kenya, Eastern Africa. 
HELINA 2018, the biannual meeting of the Pan-African Health Informatics Association, the Kenya Ministry of Health, the Kenya Health Informatics Association (KeHIA – and the OpenMRS Kenya Community have organized a planning committee over the past few weeks, and they have set up regular planning meetings with the OpenMRS EVENTS TEAM to ensure this event as a world-class event. Both of these events are running in a concurrent manner. 

HELINA event: This event is gonna run from Monday, 3rd December to 5th December.

OpenMRS Conference: Whereas, the OpenMRS Conference is gonna run from the Afternoon of  Tuesday 4th December until Saturday 8th December.  The OpenMRS hackathon is scheduled for one day, that is, Saturday 8th December. This is the 12th OpenMRS Implementers’ conference, the 6th in Africa and the 2nd to be held in Kenya.
The conference will be held at “Hall of Africa” at the Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi, Kenya.

The aim of this conference:  The aim of the meeting is to bring health care professionals and OpenMRS implementers together to collaborate, share implementation experiences and discover new ways to improve OpenMRS.

Who are invited:

  1. People new to OpenMRS and want to connect to others using the platform around the world.
  2. Experienced OpenMRS implementers who want to share their experiences and learn from others.
  3. OpenMRS platform developers – anyone building systems to integrate with or extend OpenMRS.
  4. Developers of related health and healthcare application software.
  5. Health practitioners, researchers, and publishers
  6. Any other implementor of OpenMRS and its distributions
  7. Open source software contributors, everyone!

Registration: Registrations are now open. Please, register here!

Thanks for your time! Gonna see ya’.